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    After a first consultation with the developers of O-FORTY, we quickly grasped that they were supportive of the idea of integrating a coworking offering within their magnificent 24.000m² office development in Oostkamp by the architects Govaert & Vanhoutte. If they were to integrate an offering, it had to support the community building and general attractiveness of the place. It had to become a luxury office concept. Global Estate had no ambition to pull this off by themselves and was in search for a partner to define the offering and build a business plan for stable income. The “coworking-factor” should co-define the DNA of the site, which is why signing a branded operator wasn’t obvious. Our initial assignment was to map all possibilities, what our suggested approach would look like, and what the financial consequences would be. After having presented our study, we signed an agreement to co-develop the project & manage it thereafter which enabled us to create a complete device office concept.


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    Oostkamp, Belgium


    Global Estate Group

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    O-FORTY coworking
    Design, Consulting, Management | Soulbricks Oostkamp
    O-FORTY coworking
    Design, Consulting, Management | Soulbricks Oostkamp